Monday, November 23, 2009

11-22-09 Sunday Week 42

Doing thrusters with the boys...

So yesterday (Saturday) was not sans-workout necessarily, just a full day of activity that involved about 60 burpees (for me), limbo, pushups, dodge ball, pullups, thrusters, running, air squats, duck walks, gorilla walks ... um, you name it - we did it. Good times all day.

Today, I volunteered to go up against Connor and David but ended up joining the teen class instead. I have no clue what time of day it was, but the wod went as follows:

Buy in:
3 rounds
Bear Crawl
Jump to support/flip over bar
Dip walk across parallel bars
run ~100M
vault ... run ... vault
Balance jump onto balance beam


3 Rounds for time:
3 Flippin' burpees (burpee jump/clap, forward roll jump clap x 3)
5 Clusters (full squat clean/thruster) 95 lbs

Time: 4:46

Fun wod. I decided since it was low reps to do just do the same weight as the dudes. The forward roll throws off equilibrium a bit, but it seems like you adapt to it after the first couple. The warm-up/buy-in was SO much fun. I'd love to get a nice squishy mat, some parallel bars, vault and a balance beam for our gym. SO FUN!

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