Sunday, November 29, 2009

11-28-09 Saturday Week 43

Today's workout was 54-card pickup (inspired by CF Hyperformance in Savannah - see link on the right...)

On "Go!" two teams pick up a card from a deck, jokers included. The card suit is the movement and the face value is the number of reps -- J-Ace is 11-14.
Ours was:
Hearts= Pistols
Diamonds= Box Jumps
Clubs= Toes to Bar
Spades= Alternating Single-arm DB snatch (25 lbs for girls)
Jokers= 400 M Run (for the opposing team)
Team with the most cards "wins" the match.

Brooke and I each pulled a joker so each had to add a 400 M run to the workout. The gym members did clean drop/front squats with empty barbells for hearts and Brooke and I subbed pistols - gotta get those pistols in when you can!

I added up all my cards at the end and figured out how many reps of each movement I did for record keeping.

Training Log
400M Run
61 DB Power Snatches 25lbs
66 Pistols
72 box jumps 20"
43 toes to bar

Time-- 21:17

My butt was already sore by the time I left the gym.

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