Monday, November 23, 2009

11-19-09 Thursday Week 42

View from our hotel room at the San Vicente Golf Resort just down the road from Brand X CrossFit in Ramona, CA.

Yesterday was a rest day and packing day and today all day was travel... approximately 5 hours on a plane to California for the CrossFit Kids Certification at Brand X and also the . Met Dana (BGI CrossFit in FL) at the airport and we headed straight to the gym to meet up with Sven, and Jeff and Dan and squeeze in a workout before dinner and crashing at the hotel.

Training Log
Every 90 seconds:
3 Rockets (jumping step up driving opposite knee up high) right leg
3 Rockets left leg
3 power clean bodyweight (135 lbs for me)
3 rockets right leg
3 rockets left leg

Do 10 rounds.

This was a cool wod that Jeff came up with. Dana and I used a tire to do the rockets on and I'd guess it was around 20" high. I felt a little tightness in my hamstring but it didn't slow me down and I managed to complete each round under a minute (the first 6 rounds were closer to 30 seconds so plenty of recovery time.) It was fun and the first time I've cleaned that much weight that many times in a wod.

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