Thursday, November 5, 2009

11-5-09 Thursday Week 40

Snatch practice ... I welcome feedback - I got no coach!! (Would have taken more but the camera battery died.)

Yesterday was my day off so I worked out today instead. Thursday is usually a slow day at the gym but today was ridiculous! 13 people signed in total. No one signed up or showed up for the 5:30 PM so Jonathan and I made up yesterday's snatches and short metcon.

Training Log
Snatch 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1
100 lbs
105 lbs
110 lbs
115 lbs
120 lbs (Fx10)

10 minute AMRAP:
5 Wall Ball shots 14 lbs to 10 ft
5 Single arm DB swings right arm 20 lbs
5 single arm DB swings left arm 20 lbs
10 mountain climbers ( R+L= 1 rep)

Total -- 11 rounds + 5 wall ball shots

AAAAAARGH!!!!! I got under 120 lbs locked out about a jillion times and could not stabilize it long enough to stand up with it. My self-diagnosis is that I have not been practicing the snatch enough. 115 lbs was my old PR and I am glad I matched it - but I certainly had a bumper-plate-throwing tantrum when I ran out of time and had to give up. GRRRRR!!!!


Pistol said...

did you feel that bar on your legs at all? It looks like it never touched. As soon as you clear the knees pull that bar in and when it gets to the pockets explode up and then drop. I like to call it the "pop n drop"

Mike said...

Hard to critique just based on angle and limited frames...there *may* be a slightly early pull, but what I did catch was a muted hip---shoulder looked like they were in full extension, but hip never opened up fully. Sometimes, this'll happen with a lighter weight; it's easier to get sloppy. A heavier weight will force better technique.

Love the blog, btw...been following before the games.

Chris Holt said...

Burgener sent us a picture showing and example of elbows high and outside. I'll send you a picture of it. Your arms are pretty much locked throughout the whole movement which means the bar may have a tendency to leave your body. You will lose efficiency by doing this. Your explosion is good. Just like my cleans, you could extend your hips a bit more. I agree with Mike, with a tad bit heavy weight, you'll be forced to make your snatch more efficient.

Shana A. said...

I slowed it down frame by frame and got full hip extension AND elbows high and outside (with no early pull.) Probably hard to see with the light weight - it moves FAST!

Thanks for the tips you guys. I wish I had gotten video of the ones I missed... those were probably the ones with the issues - easy to do it right with 60 or 70 lbs!