Friday, November 27, 2009

11-27-09 Friday Week 43

Knee-sock November at CFED is such a hit... everyone wants to keep it going indefinitely!
(Red socks = Brooke ... Purple unicorn socks = Shana, who else?)

So it's about the time that I have to start making a decision about whether or not I want to compete in the 2010 Games. Leaning towards "for" and decided to start an advanced workout group that meets twice a week for an RTG (Road to the Games) workout. We had an experimental first workout today - courtesy Brand X CrossFit with some tweaking done by me. There's a vid on FB of Connor Martin doing this minus the runs and I really liked it so wanted to give it a shot. It's a little heavy for about 95% of my clientele so I figured it'd be perfect for the RTG group.

Training Log
Warm up and mill around stalling for about an hour while constantly quoting lines from "2 CrossFitters one chalk bucket" then laughing at ourselves.

For time:
Run 800 Meters
5 rounds of -
6 Deadlifts (w:140 m:200)
3 Cleans (w:140 m:200)
1 Overhead any way (w:140 m:200)
Run 800 Meters

Time -- 20:16
Brooke -- 15:42 w/ 115 lbs (power cleans)
Jonathan -- 20:00 w/ 165 lbs (4 power cleans)

Took video -- it's slow and boring but I might post the first round, just for fun. The camera has a feature that automatically shuts off the video at 10 minutes so I didn't get the last round recorded. In Connor's video, he does squat cleans. Generally, when I read "clean" the "squat" part is understood (as in "Elizabeth") unless "power" is specified. So squat, I did. First time I've ever done any kind of clean that heavy in a wod.

I just realized how little I've worked out this week. It's time to get back on the horse.

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Sven said...

The Madness is spreading :)
Good deal Shana!