Sunday, November 15, 2009

11-15-09 Sunday Week 41

The ever-important whiteboard...

Still injured, but making progress. A hamstring injury is affecting my entire posterior chain on the left side from semitendinosis insertion up to QL. Crazy. Who knew a hammie could do all that? Lots of attention from doc, chiro and massage therapist. Contra-indicated for my current state: deadlifting, running, ballistic or plyometric movements, trunk rotation ... my workout today was comprised of what was left. Brooke joined in.

Training Log
12:00 noon

4 rounds:
250 M row
10 20"step-ups holding 25 lb dumbbells (each leg does 10)
8 Knees to elbows (I did toes to bar)
6 Handstand Pushups (did these kipping)

Time -- 15:45
Brooke -- 16:13 (w/pike pushups)

Harder than I thought it'd be. HSPU's were unbroken and felt great (actually did 2 sets of 3 last round because I fell out of the handstand.) Step-ups with DBs wore out my grip right before the KTE... phew.

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Chris Holt said...

Did you go to the Kids Cert yet? If so, how was it? Hope the hamstring heals up quick. Pretty stoked about this weekend at CF Evolution. Going to be fun!