Saturday, February 28, 2009

02-28-09 Saturday Week 4

At the Oly Cert, listening to warm-up instructions. The guy behind me (Bret) earned the name "Stalker" for the weekend by being the guy who wanted burpees the least - he yelled "Yay, burpees!" before anyone else!

Another good workout this morning and I am really thrilled. My shoulders are sore in a very normal, muscle-soreness kind of way. I've been able to get through these wods pain-free. Today, we did a nasty dumbbell workout - I knew there was 100% chance of rain so planned to do something all indoors. Everyone looked so miserable that I decided it was only fair for the coaches to do it as well. Now I know they were all showing an appropriate level of misery.

Training Log
11AM MetCon
Dumbbell Thrusters (25's)
Plank Row Pushups (25's)
Box Jumps 24"
150 Jump Rope Singles between each round.

Time -- 23:49

Did this with Marshall and Jonathan... thanks for making me push it, guys!

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