Thursday, February 5, 2009

02-05-09 Thursday Week 1

Helen; the aftermath - human puddles, Tommy & me.

Yesterday's rest did me right. Diet is still on track and I am feeling really good. Amazing how little tweaks in your eating can make all the difference. My mood has been better and I've had more energy even without my mid-day nap!

Training log:
Today's wod = Helen (what's Helen?)
Shana - 9:51 Rx for girls (35# swings) PR! (previous PR 10:46)
Tommy - 9:55 Rx for dudes (55# swings)

Post-wod: 15 muscle-ups - trying to learn the turnout.
Forward and back roll practice: these were much better than they've been before, videos help!

It was right around 40 degrees outside, but sunny so not so bad. We're off to Austin tomorrow so the wod will have to be a morning one ... blechk!


Rae said...

Have fun in Austin , this is for something that has to do with the games right?
PS That was one pretty Fight Gone Bad!

Sven said...

Keep pushing, Grasshopper... keep pushing.
Doing good.

PatC said...

Congrats on the Helen PR and for beating Tommy by 4 seconds! I would love to have watched you two...sounds like you were really pushing each other. I'm glad you did it together...I'm sure you both did better as a result.

Shana A. said...

OH! I definitely went faster trying to stay ahead of Thomasina... but his Helen PR is still faster than mine so it's a tainted victory!

Sheryl Mc said...

Or so he says...