Monday, February 23, 2009

02-23-09 Monday Week 4

Feeling the burn at the Oly-Cert... (photo by TJ Cooper)

I'm a little bummed. While my shoulder is feeling SO much better and I was able to make it through the whole weekend, I am starting to get pretty bummed out about it. I was able to do the metcon wod today, but the low-bar backsquats are the thing that I think really actually put my shoulder over the edge and I'm supposed to BS every Monday. I'm thinking of switching to OH squats for a while. I just left out the lifting today and that kind of defeats the whole purpose of doing the strength-bias format in the first place.

Another thing I'm experiencing; I didn't realize before how always gunning for top Rx time of the day pushed me. I did the metcon by myself today and had no point of referrence. No rabbit. Tommy went after me and beat me and it just makes me wonder if I could have gone harder if I had been trying to keep up or stay ahead. I ended up with a nice cough afterward so I wasn't exactly dragging ass. Still... feeling the motivation wane this week.

Training Log
3:55PM MetCon
15 Min AMRAP
10 Wall Ball Shots
10 Burpees
10 Ball Slams

Shana -- 6 Rounds + 10 Wall Balls, 6 Burpees
Tommy -- 7 Rounds + 10 Wall Balls, 7 Burpees(?)

Tommy did the Back Squats and the rope climbs. I did a couple of pullups and my shoulder wasn't cooperating so called it a day.
We'll see how tomorrow goes with the deads.

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PatC said...

Hang in there, Shana. Push through this. It will get better.