Friday, February 13, 2009

02-12-09 Thursday Week 2

These heavy C&Js were the least miserable part of this wod for me. Based on the look on his face, Tommy disagrees...

I can't believe I've got 2 wods left in week 2. This has been so tough to keep up with so far, but I'm adjusting. I was worried initially about essentially doing 2 wods 4 times a week ( a heavy focused lift and a metcon) and how I was going to fit that into my schedule, but it's working out, so I know it can be done. I'm out on a limb now and there are no excuses that are going to seem valid. Had mad butterflies starting last night about today's wod!

Training log:
3:45 PM
5 Rounds for time:
400 M Run
5 Clean & Jerks (115 for me/ 155 for Tommy)
500 M Row

Shana - 32:01 ....................... Tommy 36:51

Skills practice (not for time)
3 rounds: 10 Sot's Press, 10 Pressing Snatch Balance
I used 25#, not sure about Tommy.

The wod was a gasser. That's all I got.


Tommy said...

Well the C&J wasn't bad compared to the lactic sunami I felt on the rower. That was the first workout that brought me close to pukie in a long time.
Just for recording purposes my time does not show the ~10 minute rest/training i had to do with the 4:30 class between rd 3 and rd 4.
My Sot's Press were the following
Pressing Snatch Balance

Shana A. said...

"Lactic tsunami" Wow. Did you major in melodrama in college?

Tommy said...

No English with a minor in spelling.