Friday, February 20, 2009

02-20-09 Friday Week 3


I took yesterday as an extra rest day. Part of me says it was smart, but then another part of me says I'm crazy to let another opp to workout go by. Then there's another part that says I must be crazy for thinking I have any business trying to qualify when there are women out there like Jolie, Gillian and Tanya... I really wish that part would shut the fuck up.
My shoulder is covered in kinesiotape right now, courtesy Dr. Sadri at 1st Choice, and I think the pain of worrying about it is worse than the actual physical pain I'm experiencing. I'll be at the Olympic Lifting Certification with Coach Burgener this weekend and I'm hoping the tape will keep me comfy.

Training Log:
3:45PM Metcon
5 Rounds for time:
7 Power Snatch

10 GHD Situps
15 Double-Unders

I was supposed to do the snatches at 115# - however, due to the shoulder/rotator cuff problems I've been having I decided to do 75# snatches and 2 overhead squats for each snatch. So, actually, I did 7 snatches, 14 OHS, 10 GHD Situps, 15 DUs each round ....

-- 22:28 --
--not feeling well--
... he did front squats this morning but I forgot to write down his numbers...

Decided to do second metcon (our CF East Decatur rest day wod)
40 - 30 - 20 - 10
Overhead Walking Lunges (dowel)
Follow each round with 200 jump rope singles.


The shoulder held through everything, thank goodness. It's actually feeling a little better. I'm glad as the doc said he was a little concerned I might have a tear that requires surgery. The only way to know for certain is with an MRI. Hopefully, these treatments will do the trick and that won't be necessary.

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Rae said...

That chiro is right across from my work! Eric knows him and he says he is a really good sports chiro, I think that is important for what we do, all chiropractors are so different, I hope he brings you some relief soon!