Friday, February 13, 2009

02-13-09 Friday Week 2

You can't see my face, but I promise - it's me. I have all the right sore muscles.

No Fran for us today, but I definitely got caught up in the frenzy. I kinda really wanted to do it. Odd. Yesterday, I told Tommy that I used to like working out before CrossFit... now every wod gives me butterflies and a sense of dread. I'm a little afraid that I'm not going AS fast as I could on some of these metcons to preserve my lungs but I just don't know what to do about that. I need a rabbit to chase, maybe.

Training Log 10AM Metcon WOD:
5 rounds for time:
500 M Row

5 Back Squats (1.5 x bodyweight)
5 Hand Stand Pushups

Shana (BW ~130 lbs /used 195 lbs for BS)

Tommy (BW~150lbs/ used 225 lbs for BS)
(last set of BS was 3 reps due to time)

Last time I did a single-rep max back squat was back in July for CrossFit Total. My number was 185 and it was a 5lb PR. When I saw this wod, I just told myself I'd try it and see what happens. I consider it a success! Tommy is able to do strict HSPU, I have to kip mine, but they are full range of motion.
We were supposed to do heavy front squats today as well - but since I had already hit a PR in the back squat and did it SO many times, I decided it would be smartest not to do them. Will hit them hard next week.

Skills were supposed to be Hanging windshield wipers and bar muscle-ups. Apparently those wipers are not a skill I possess... yet. And I did one bar muscle up and my shoulder went nuts so I decided to call it a day.


kejt said...

195 lb squats!! Great effort! Keep up the good work.

MK Crossfit Daytona said...

Hi Shana! Im Melissa, co-owner and trainer at Crossfit Daytona (daytona Beach, FL) I am also training for the games for the first time. I am so excited for your blog. It's nice to see what another female in my region is doing to prepare. You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!