Sunday, February 8, 2009

02-07-09 Saturday Week 1

Tommy gives it his all on his DB presses...

So, yeah. Sorry this post is a day late. Tommy and I did indeed get up early and workout at the hotel gym before hitting Day 1 of the Affiliate Gathering. It was different to say the least, but we did it and we were glad!

There were only fixed weight barbells which feel really weird in your hands after having used regulation Olympic bars daily for the last couple of years!

Training log:
Push press 5x5
Stayed with 95 because that bar felt so awkward and strange and I couldn't drop it from overhead in the hotel... eh.
I think Tommy did 3 or 4 sets of 10 reps with 115# as it was the heaviest bar... besides the smith machine.
MetCon wod:
20 minute AMRAP --
50 meters hang power snatch, OH lunge-OH lunge, backrack lunge-backrack lunge, push press, repeat. (25# bar Shana, 35# bar Tommy)
10 burpees.

I think we both got 4+ rounds but Tommy made it a little further into round 5 than I. Neither one of us made it to the burpees.

It really is possible to eat right while traveling so I have no excuses for not having the BEST weekend diet-wise. I can only use travel-stress as an excuse - and it's not a good one so I will do much better tomorrow. Being thrown out of routine and comfort zones really makes me want to soothe myself with food. Ate mostly fish and veggies - but I did have dessert at dinner on Saturday night and a pack of almond M&Ms at the airport today - just for fun. Breakfast was tough, we had breakfast tacos and flour tortillas are NOT Paleo approved! Also, had a total of 4.5 alcoholic beverages which is about as much as typically consume in an entire year so I'm feeling a little guilty about that... I will be better now that I'm home.

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