Tuesday, August 30, 2011

08-27-11 Saturday Week 134

Best gym in Miami!!
Took a rest day yesterday to let myself recover from a pretty rough early week and travel. Today we went back to CrossFit Threshold and Holt, Danielle, Rey and I did a short chipper just to get the lungs pumping.

Training Log
Warm-up was a bunch of mobility and foam rolling.

For practice, did one round of workout 4 for Summer Crush:
10 Deadlifts 115 lbs
7 Front Squats 115 lbs
4 Shoulder to Overhead 115 lbs
Did not time it, but did it unbroken - I was fresh - just wanted to see how it felt.


For time:
15 Sandbag squats (25/50 lbs)
30 Meter Sprint
15 Toes to bar
30 Meter Sprint
15 Kettlebell Sumo High Pull (55/70 lbs)
30 Meter Sprint
15 Double Unders
30 Meter Sprint
15 Burpees

Time -- 2:40
Holt -- 2:38
Danielle -- 3:30
Rey -- 2:48 (75lb back squat)

This was just what I needed, nice and light and intense... ready to compete tomorrow!!

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Chris Holt said...

can't wait to visit the best gym in Atlanta!