Wednesday, August 17, 2011

08-17-11 Wednesday Week 133

My happy place; smack dab in the middle of a bunch of crazy CFEDers...
Still playing around with doing a few wods a week with a weighted vest on. Guess we'll see how that works out for me. My attempt at finding some more horses under the hood, I guess.

Training Log
Dumbbell Press
10 - 10 - 10
For time:
60 Double Unders
50 Dumbbell Swings (w:35 m:55)
40 Box Jumps (w:24″ m:28″)
30 Dumbbell Thrusters (w:20′s m:30′s)
20 Chest to Bar Pullups
10 Toes to Bar

Presses -- 20's x 10, 25's x 10, 30's x 10 (barely finished this set!)
Time -- 8:43 (w/ 10 lb weighted vest)

I had to break up the thrusters, pullups and TTB. My grip was just gone when I got to the toes to bar... the last 5 were singles!! The box jumps were really super scary... first time I've done them since the dreaded scraping. Made it through, though!  Yay!

PS- have I mentioned how much I love comments??


Aimee said...

Good to see that you conquered the box again! Miss working out with you...would have loved todays wod..minus the double unders!

Shana A. said...

Aimee, you will be back to 100% in like 3 workouts... ;)

Joe C. said...

Back on the horse that threw you, nice. You were crazy fast today.

Carey said...

Hooray!! Glad to see you back online. You're my role model. Kick it!

Junior Hixson said...

Keep at it!! You've been killin every WOD that's came your way!:)