Friday, August 26, 2011

08-25-11 Thursday Week 134

Holt's mobile photo of my back squat .... from on top of my head apparently!
Back is super duper uber sore today! It even woke me up last night (well, it was either that or my diva dog barking about his covers being wrinkled on his bed.) I figured it was back squats that made me so sore (from Monday) so then I figured I'd do some back squats for recovery.

Training Log
Lots of mobility
Foam rolling
Dynamic stretching
Jump Roping
Lacrosse ball

Back Squat

5 min AMRAP:
7 Box Jumps 24"
9 Kettlebell swings 35 lbs

Total -- 8 rds + 6 box jumps
Holt -- 8 rds + 7 box jumps + 1 swing (w/55 lb dumbbell)

Had a great time at CrossFit Threshold with my pal Chris Holt. Just flew into Miami today for the Summer Crush Games on Sunday. Apparently, they will have live scoring on their website if anyone wants to keep up ( It should be a good time.
Chris and I did some light back-squatting and then did the CFED metcon for the day, but decided to use a 24" box since that is the box height in the chipper this weekend. Went with a kettlebell instead of dumbbell for the same reason. I thought some movement might help flush some of the soreness. It worked for about 5 minutes!!

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Chris Holt said...

I need to train with you more often...