Saturday, August 20, 2011

08-19-11 Friday Week 133

There's tigers on my socks.
Just realized I've done 4 days in a row and setting the alarm clock to get up in the morning for another wod. I remember Jonathan and I talking about tapering for competitions and him saying he thinks I'm like Secretariat. In the movie, when they are preparing him for the Belmont Stakes, the 3rd and final race, conventional wisdom would have them rest the horse for recovery. Lucien, the horse trainer says, "I've never had a horse that loves to run the way this one does. You take that horse out one day, he's going to run faster the next. My instict is to train him ... hard... to stoke that fire." Lately, I've been enjoying my time in the gym so much. Every day of training leaves me wanting more. Maybe Shugs is right. I super sore, but it doesn't seem to matter. Maybe I'm just stoking the fires. Guess we'll see.

Training Log
10 rounds for time:
2 Muscle Ups
10 Situps
100 Meter Sprint

Time -- 12:56

I had that feeling afterward that maybe I could have gone a little faster. Did all ten sets of 2 muscle ups unbroken. I did stop and rest for maybe 10-15 seconds before jumping to the rings on most sets and the fact that they all felt strong makes me think I should have risked failing one and done them completely gassed from the sprints. I dunno. And, oh yeah, I hate situps.

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