Tuesday, August 30, 2011

08-28-11 Sunday Week 134

Who doesn't love working out in sand?
Today was Summer Crush Games held at Magic City Casino. We arrived at 6:30AM for registration and didn't leave until around 10PM. It was a loooooonnnnnng day. I feel mostly good about my performance. I didn't write down all my times and on the website for the competition, they only have the final overall placement of the athletes. If I can track down what my times were - I will update these.

Training Log
1 mile run.

Time -- 6:09
Placed 6th, I believe.

12:15PM (approx 1 hr behind schedule)
For time:
Run 400 meters
30 Sandbag squats (w:25 m:45)
Lunge 30 meters w/25 lb plate overhead.
30 DB Overhead Anyway (w:20's m:35's)
Lunge 30 meters w/25 lb plate overhead.
30 Kettlebell SDHP (w:55 m:70)
Lunge 30 meters w/25 lb plate overhead.
30 burpees
Lunge 30 meters w/25 lb plate overhead.

Time-- 10:52
Think I placed 4th.

5:30PMish (approx 2.5 hrs behind schedule)
For time:
60 Double Unders
50 Kettle Bell Swings (w: 35 m: 55)
40 Box Jumps (w:24" m: 30")
30 Thrusters (w: 65 m:95)
20 Chest to Bar Pullups
10 Toes to Bar

Time -- 7:something (don't remember)
I think I placed 4th.

8:20PMish (still 2.5 hrs behind sched)
"Goodbye Irene"
3 Rounds for time:
10 Deadlifts (w: 115 m: 175)
7 Front Squats (w: 115 m: 175)
4 Overhead Anyway (w: 115 m: 175)

Time -- 3:37
Placed 5th, I think.

It was a super long day and I have a major waddle. According to the online scores posted, I finished in 5th place. The scoring system they used wasn't announced ahead of time, but might have meant a slightly different strategy. I think I'm used to the scoring system based on rank points, but for this comp they added up all your times and the fastest total won. The venue was really neat and it's always fun to get to hang with a big group of people just as crazy as you are. It was my first comp without Jonathan, but Danielle and Chris took good care of me. Had a great time in Miami ... will have to visit again!

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