Tuesday, August 16, 2011

08-16-11 Tuesday Week 133

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I took a rest day. Decided to yesterday's wod today and so I made Jonathan do it with me. Today was sprinting and I think I'm going to give my shins a few more days to heal before I hit them that hard -- there's still swelling and I'm icing twice a day. I'm trying to keep the dynamic stuff to a minimum - it's been 9 days and I think I'm going to give it until Thursday.

Training Log
4 minutes max handstand pushups. Rest as necessary.
-- 36 reps (kipping w/ hands on 35lb bumper plates w/abmat in between)
4 minutes max get-ups (35 lb dumbbell)
-- 20 reps
Tabata Row for Calories
-- 62 cals

So, our clock got stopped and restarted sometime during the get-ups, so it may have been longer than 4 mins for that portion. Didn't really keep track of how much rest we had in between but I don't think it was longer than 5 minutes for any of the sets. This was just enough to destroy me... especially the row. I hate rowing.

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