Sunday, April 5, 2009

04-05-09 Sunday Week 9

Had a great wod today because of great company!

Training is SO much more fun when you can do it in a group! I had a fun strong group of girls with me for the suffering and I ALWAYS push harder when I get together with the girls! We decided we'd do the same wod that was posted in the CrossFit Journal the other day - the one with Jolie Gentry, Caity Matter, Ashley Westerheide and Chastity Slone. I recruited Kath and Ann-imal from CrossFit North Atlanta and fellow CFED strong chicas Brooke and Rae. We had a blast!

Training Log
3 rounds for time:
4 Handstand Pushups
8 Chest to Bar Pullups
12 Deadlifts 135 lbs
16 Box Jumps 20"

Times --
Shana 4:14
Ann 7:24 (HSPU to 1 AbMat depth)
Rae 7:48 (pike pushups for HSPU)
Kath 8:12
Brooke 9:59 (pike pushups for HSPU)

I felt great during this workout. We all got a good case of "Fran-cough" afterward... 10 hours later and my lungs still aren't quite right! I think I just lucked up in that all these moves tend to be strengths of mine. Loved this wod! Thanks so much to all the strong chicas that came to hang with me!! There's a vid HERE and some more photos HERE. Enjoy!

PS- Yesterday wasn't actually a rest day. I took a leisurely hike up Stone Mountain and ran back down (2.6 miles round trip, elevation at the top is something like 1680 ft....) with a 10 lb vest on. We all forgot our watches so I wasn't able to time it. Oh well, next time I'll remember.


Anonymous said...

Ok you can't hide anymore....
You beat Jolie (the Nr 1 from 2 years ago) by ONE MINUTE on a 5 min WOD. Yeah that's awesome!.
Now just stay the course, rest, eat right , stretch, mentally prepare, keep doing the strength bias, keep pushing at the wod's, ok?
Doing good girl, doing good....
Sven H

Brandon Crossfit NE Georgia said...

Whats up? It' Brandon, from Crossfit NE Georgia. OMG your time today, thats so NASTY! That's the WOD I'm having everyone at our box do tomorrow-I love your blog-my girl Leah is going to the qulaifiers in Jacksonville as well-and she's always checkin' out your times too, lol...
I don't know if youv'e heard, but this coming Saturday-April 11th-there's a meeting at CF ATL-a few different affiliates are getting together and discussing the soon-to-be-started "Crossfit League," as well as getting a nasty little pre-qualifier WOD :::evil laugh::: It's a new workout, but should fall right in line with qualifiers training. :-) I think we're all meeting there at noon-lmk if you can make it, and bring as many others as possible! (770) 374-2713
Talk to you soon...

Patrick Haskell said...

Wow. Absolutely smoking time, Shana. Those may be strengths of yours, but there's a better than even chance that most of them show up during the Qualifiers, so they're good strengths to have. Of course, a kick-ass performance like this on a short metcon full of your strengths means you owe yourself a long metcon full of goats. Constantly varied, you know. (Just sayin'.)

Shana A. said...

HAHAHA -- Patrick, please see Tuesday and Wednesday from last week! Both of those wods took me over 50 minutes!

jenna said...

You are a bad ass, and I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

Rockin' Shana! I'm not naming any names, but it looks like some people are going to be in for a little surprise at the games this year!--joanne

MK said...

Amazing. I think I might stop looking at your blog you're giving me a heart attack.