Tuesday, April 7, 2009

04-07-09 Tuesday Week 10

Shana does Grace In A Boat

Took video of this so Coach Sven on the West Coast can check out my form -- to see if it's the cause of me being such a SLOW rower! I maintain it's my height ... at 5'4" (barely) it's like wallballs. Felt pretty good on the cleans but I was glad I got video, because I could see that coming out of the squat with a little bounce gives me an opportunity to get in a better jerking position, and I haven't really been taking advantage of it.

Training Log
3 rounds:
Row 500 M
10 Squat Clean & Jerk 105 lbs

Time -- 15:40

Thanks to Marshall for doing this wod with me!! Marshall, you made me go faster. He used 135 for the squat clean & jerk and his time was 16:51 . I'm sure he will agree that it was a really fun wod. Yeah. Fun. My back is pretty sore but I am still feeling pretty strong. Diet is on track and I'm starting to get excited about a trip to Florida!

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