Wednesday, April 15, 2009

04-15-09 Wednesday Week 11

Doin' "Helen" ...

I've been feeling pretty good these last couple of days. I was excited when I saw "Helen" come up last night. I was supposed to do Front Squats today, too, but it was one of those days. Had to run heats in several sessions due to the volume of members coming in to tackle a benchmark.

Training Log
6:45 PM
3 rounds for time:
400 M Run
21 Dumbbell Swings 35 lbs
12 Pullups

Time-- 8:35 PR (Previous PR from 2/5/09 was 9:51)

Totally stoked. First run was around 1:22 and all pullups and swings were unbroken except for my very last set of pullups, it was broken at 5/7. Awesome. Good day. Little bit of a diet setback today but I'm back on the horse now....


Sheryl Mc said...

Imagine if we had anything close to a flat 400!

mrjwhit~ said...

WOW! That's pretty amazing. I did it in 14 minutes as my first time.

PatC said...


Sven said...

Ok. Great time. I understand the business aspect and that you have to take care of your folks, but don't forget what got you where you are. Get back on the Strength BIAS as soon as you get a chance, ok?
Good job!

Anonymous said...

I'm playing the CF Mom here have a week until Jax. Don't mess around. Avoidance isn't a popular word in the bad-ass CF world but I think it's one you should live by for the next week. If at all possible, avoid stress, bad food choices, and possibly lifting too heavy shit at this point. Walk away from it.
You've had a stellar few days here. Keep your focus.
End lecture.

Anonymous said...

pullups chest to bar?

Shana A. said...

Anonymous, pullups were not chest to bar as I haven't done it that way before - and I wanted a better assessment of progress. CTB would have slowed me down for sure!