Friday, April 3, 2009

04-03-09 Friday Week 9

Did "Nancy," one of my fave girls, with the 6:30 Friday night crew. That's David G. on my right.

Went back and forth with Sven today over what wod to do. He said to do a 5K but I really wanted to do Nancy because I love it. He said okay, but to take it nice and easy, mainly because I'm still SO sore from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Training Log
5 rounds for time:
400 Meter Run
15 Overhead Squats (65 lbs for women)

Time -- 14:19

That's a PR for me by almost a minute and a half. I'm really excited because I felt like I was cruising. I could have pushed a little harder and broken 14, I'm certain of it. I'm glad I did it but now I have an awful headache. Hopefully, it will go away when dinner kicks in.


PatC said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah "Take it easy" someone says....
Aaaaand we get a PR (and a headache) hhmmpphh...
Ok ok I am being a bit grumpy.
Good job. Don't forget your bias work. You still need to get the strength component in there, otherwise you'll stall and loose it. Don't get of the bus before you reach your final destination, right?
E mail me later on how you feel and such. I am working the CF Kids Cert so I'm a bit busy, but have iPhone hehe
Sven H

Shana A. said...

Sven, really, I swear I was jogging those 400s !! It didn't even take me time to recover! Today am going to Stone Mountain with the new vest. I feel tired today so am going to take a nap first. =o)

Maybe I will hit those HPCs at the gym later for my strength work.

Sheryl Mc said...

Shana, congrats! You're doing great. Can's wait to hear about Stone Mtn in the vest.

Anonymous said...

Great job, but heed your coach. You need to peak at the games- put all the components together and you will rock!

Sam G

PatC said...

Yeah, listen to your coach! What he said...