Saturday, April 18, 2009

04-18-09 Saturday Week 11

Practicing the kip-up...

I learned a new trick today. I'm just glad I didn't land on my neck and do some CNS damage! LOL... I was inspired by all the tough people at our gym who pushed through that intimidating wod today! We had several members who had never even tried a single handstand that did the whole workout! It was really awesome. Our resident gymnast and badass, Zeke, taught me how to kip-up from the floor. I've tried it before but this was the first time I've been able to do it! Yippee! No matter how much CF stuff you learn there will always be something new, I LOVE IT!

Training Log
Run 1.3 miles up Stone Mountain wearing 10 lb vest. Then run back down.
Time up -- 16:28 (I think)
Time down -- 8:30

Tommy beat me both ways. Some time I will have to get out there on a weekday around noon when it isn't so crowded. Crazy ton of people on the mountain today. Only SEVEN MORE DAYS until quals. I might go crazy!! AUGH! The taper has begun.


Tommy said...

My hamstrings, calves, and ankles hate you right now.

jen said...

Hey Shana,
In case I forgot to tell you later in the week... We are all pulling for you next week... try not to be too nervous - enjoy it, have fun cause it will fly by and you will rock it!!! good luck!
jen crider (in case you didn't know which jen) :)

Shana A. said...

Aw!! THANKS, Ft Bragg Jen!! Hahaha! I wish I could borrow some of your family's badassedness!

Is Dave going to quals for ya'lls region?

Sven said...

What happened to "NO WEIGHT VEST!!!"
Ok no worries. You know what we are doing now, right?
Check out all the other Quals, get a feel for it and we'll "talk" on e mail.
Sven H

Shana A. said...

That was yesterday! I didn't use it today!

jen said...

Yep... dave is going the quals in good ol' columbus OH! We leave Fri AM and he has events Sat and Sun.. Hope we are all able to meet up in Cali. he is gone for pre deployment training right now so he is just using body armor and weights to train right now. He gets back just 5 days before the quals.. going to be a tough transition from desert and mountains.. he has been doing high altitude training which helps though.. take care of yourself this week and on sunday you better have the best non paleo dinner ever! :)