Tuesday, April 21, 2009

04-21-09 Tuesday Week 12

Sorry for the lack of updates, ya'll. Nothing much exciting going on ... I'm doing "taper wods" ... to me it feels like I'm just hanging out in the gym!

If you haven't been already the website for our South Eastern Qualifiers is in the links list to the right. The workouts were posted yesterday and the madness begins in just 4 days.

So far, the plan is to post updates throughout the competition on this blog... hopefully we can get an aircard for the laptop so we can update live from the quals!

I'm going to try to work it out ya'll so stay tuned!!


Scott said...

I've seriously enjoyed watching your prep for the games. Good luck to you, i'm sure you'll do fantastic!!!

Scott - Indiana

Rae said...

Shana!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! Wish I could be there for your victory, but I know you will be going fast as lightening, so maybe catching glimpses of you in photos will be anyone's best bet!
You have worked so hard for this, your determination and passion will be reflected in your stellar performance this weekend! Love ya, chica!

PatC said...

Oh wow! It's not long at all now.