Friday, September 23, 2011

09-22-11 Thursday Week 138

Good rep?
Got started lifting a little bit late tonight so I kind of rushed through it a little so I could workout with the 5:30PM class and be recovered in time to coach 7PM Fundamentals. Had to lift alone, which is not my preferred way to go, but it was a good lifting sesh.

Training Log
Hang Squat Clean + 2 jerks
33 lbs
55 lbs
77 lbs
99 lbs
113 lbs

2 clean pulls + 2 hang squat clean + 2 front squat
78 lbs
99 lbs
121 lbs
133 lbs
143 lbs
143 lbs
143 lbs

Jerk from behind neck
77 lbs x 2
99 lbs x 2
123 lbs x 2
132 lbs x 2
143 lbs x 2
143 lbs x 2
143 lbs x 2


Teams of 3 accumulate as many reps and calories as possible:
1 minute max row for calories.
1 minute max clean and jerk (w:95 m: 135)
1 minute max toes to bar.
Rest 1 minute. Complete 3 cycles. 

I was on a team with Jeff J. and Bayless. 
I started on toes to bar, got 25/23/17
Then to the rower, got around 15 cals per round
Clean and jerks last, got 10/10/9
Team Total -- 340


I had 15 minutes between finishing that workout and starting the 7PMers, so I finished up my snatch pulls...

Snatch pulls from floor
123 lbs x 4
143 lbs x 4
154 lbs x 4
154 lbs x 4
154 lbs x 4

Phew!  Quite a night!  I don't have a lot to say. My lifting felt pretty strong, but it was mostly lighter weights. Was happy that after all those toes to bar and calories on the rower, I was able to get 29 clean and jerks in under 3 mins.... bodes well for "Grace" coming up in October.

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