Wednesday, September 7, 2011

09-07-11 Wednesday Week 136

Thruster hair is hysterical in this pic...
Today was a looonnngggg day. I rested and got a Thai massage from Matt Holton yesterday, was wrecked! I was still sore when I got up this morning and got in the car to drive to Buford for some Oly coaching with Caleb and Kelly Williams at Peak Performance Weightlifting.

Training Log
Snatch work and Cleans.
Started off light and worked up to 65 kg which is 143.5 lbs and a 3.5 lb PR!! Woot!
Clean & Jerk... worked up to 165 lbs then backed down to 95 lbs and did hang squat cleans pulling from a box to work on speed, wrists and finishing.

Handstand and handstand walking practice.

“Lucky 7′s”
7 rounds for time:
7 Thrusters (w:65 m:95)
7 Toes to Bar
7 Floor Wipers (w:65 m:95)
7 No-Pushup Burpees
7 Wall Ball Situps (w:14 m:20)

Time -- 14:51  (-3:22 PR!!)

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes, do 3 strict handstand pushups. 

The HSPU felt SO strong today. Probably because of all the handstand work I've been doing lately but I've never done that many strict HSPU in one day. I did the 14th round with a short cycle kip and all other rounds were 3 unbroken. I'm thrilled with that and the fact that I felt like I finally made progress on the handstand walking today. Also, pretty stoked about my snatch PR... it was a good day. :)

PS - if anyone is reading this, Unicorns love comments ♥♥♥


Carey said...

How are you targeting handstand walks? Just work on balance without a wall then progress, or you got a "trick"?

Christy Deen said...

Wow! So this is a day in the life of a unicorn?! Tough stuff! Glad I can read all about it ;)

Lis said...

I love reading about your training, Shana. It's such a motivator to those of us aiming for the Games someday as well. Keep up the great work!

Tyler said...

You KNOW I'm keeping tabs! Your times have been ridiculous lately - that's for sure! I figure if I'm within a few minutes of you - I'm content! :-)

Jeff J said...

Glad I could do the Lucky 7s with you - it's always fun and motivating to have you in a WOD. I kept seeing you do your burpees as moving burpees towards your WBSU spot, and every round I thought, "Damn, that's an awesome idea, I'm doing that next round!"

And then the next round would come and I'd be thinking about my core being on fire, and I'd forget.

It's a compliment to your fitness that you have the presence of mind during peak exertion to think of stuff like that.

Rachel said...

I love reading your blog! I pretty much read it aloud to my husband and say 'Wow, did you see what she *did* there!' To his credit, he smiles and nods and encourages me to keep with it.

Also, how many pairs of shoes do you have? Every picture seems to feature a new pair of kicks!

Shana A. said...

Best day of commments ever!! Rachel... I've lost count of how many pairs of shoes I have -- I should start on October 1st, wear a different pair every day and see how many days I last! (the green and white ones are new ;)

Carey, I don't really have any tricks for the handstand walking. I have zero gymnastics background so being inverted has been a real challenge for me. I've been spending approximately 4 hours a week working on nothing but hand balancing. Today I realized that if I stand back from the wall but still kick towards it, I don't panic when I start to overbalance (when you'd typically start walking.) It seemed to work and I was actually able to take some steps. Text me if you need some tips! :-)

Danielle Lorenz said...

So proud of you for the handstand walking! I am happy to be your partner in crime for any inverted work. I clearly need lots of help in that arena (but making good progress thanks to the uni).