Saturday, September 10, 2011

09-09-11 Friday Week 136

Deadlifting in the dark = grainy photo.
I took yesterday off ... totally wrecked from perhaps overdoing it the day before. So, I've had TWO rest days this week... kinda crazy. We'll see how it goes through the weekend. I feel like I'm still waiting for my hips to recover after that Miami competition...

Training Log
Very brief warm-up.
Handstand walking practice, 10 minutes.
Every minute, on the minute for 15 minutes do
2 muscle ups.

For load, do 3 deadlifts, every minute, on the minute for 7 minutes.
Tabata double unders.

Deadlifts: 250 / 250 / 250 / 260 / 260 / 260 / 270 lbs
Double Unders: 283

The muscle-ups were all sets of 2. It's pretty crazy that I did 30 ... it doesn't seem like very long or very many until you get upwards of 10 minutes. Then it kinda starts to suck a bit. I'm finding this is a good way to get some volume of skill stuff in without necessarily over-doing the metcon stuff and sacrificing intensity.
I haven't deadlifted heavy since before the Games, maybe so those were feeling pretty heavy.
Was surprised that on the double-unders, grip seemed to be the main limiting factor. Also, the music was throwing off my rhythm a little bit - Jonathan and Matt thought it would be funny to start playing opera - I almost smacked them. I tripped like 4 or 5 times in the first 2 sets. Really weird for me. Overall, a good day.


Jeff J said...

Freakin' OPERA? Wow. And I thought the day that Paul played Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson was bad. Don't get me wrong, I love some Cash and Willie, but it's more drinking music than lifting music!

Keep up the good work, Uni!

Shana A. said...

I was pissed!!