Wednesday, April 7, 2010

04-07-10 Wednesday Week 62

Training Log
Front Squat (dynamic)
95 lbs

5 rounds:
1 Minute Push Press for reps 75 lbs
1 minute Pullups for reps
Run 400 Meters
Rest *

Rounds start every 6:00.
*Rest is the amount of time left after you finish your run and your next round begins.
Score is total reps of each exercise.

Score -- 103 push presses, 87 pullups

Runs started out fast and I died after round 3. Great workout. I mean it sucked but those are the great ones. Loved working out with Cici, Tommy and Lauren M. Cici smoked my ass on the last couple runs and Tommy made me keep going. Love you guys.


Chris Holt said...

yeah I tried this WOD today. pukie my guts out 5 minutes post WOD. ridiculous. Don't know what came over me. These WODs with max efforts crush me.

chris Holt said...

Have you heard of this movie?