Sunday, April 4, 2010

04-03-10 Saturday Week 61

Loving these Saturday competitions at CFATL!! It is so inspiring and motivating to workout alongside so many amazing athletes - I LOVE IT!!!! Skeleton crew on this holiday weekend; just me, Leah P, Brooke, and Whitney repping the chicks -- all in one heat! (Wish I had remembered to take pics....)

Training Log
For time:
15 - 12 - 9
Squat Cleans 90lbs

Time -- 4:29

First set was so blistering that I staggered to the barbell from the pullup bar. I've never had such a long recovery from a workout. Typing this 36 hours post workout and my lungs are still a wreck. Holy carp. Yes... I meant carp. Religious fish are way funnier than religious poo, IMO. That is all.

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