Sunday, December 13, 2009

12-13-09 Sunday Week 45

Why they call me "Shanties" ....

Loved, loved, loved the wod today. Jonathan and I had to leave right at noon so I knew we needed something we could just rock out. It was harder than it looked and I love it when that happens. GREAT crew this morning with Shugs, Phil, Joe C., Lauren, Ann-imal, and Spencer.

Training Log
5 rounds for time:
5 ring dips
7 chest to bar pullups
9 2-for-1 wall ball shots
20 Double unders

Time -- 10:27 (14# med ball)
Jonathan -- 10:29 (10# mb)
Phil -- 12:47 (14# mb)
Ann-imal -- 13:46 (8# mb)
Spencer -- 17:17 (14# mb, sub 80 singles for DUs)
Joe C. -- 21:52 (10# mb, red band asst pulls/non-CTB, asst dips)
Lauren -- 23:04 (8# mb, non-CTB pulls)

2-for-1 wall ball shots are hard as crap. It starts with a regular wall ball shot but you have to throw the ball high enough to fit in another squat before you catch the ball. Hard. I tried to find a good video of these, but I'm starting to think there isn't one out there. I might have to make one. Perhaps next time Phil will bring all 5 of his cameras. ;)
No way I would have done this as fast if I hadn't been chasing Jonathan the WHOLE stinking time. I'm going to have to put some heavy stuff in there next time and see if I can slow him down!
I felt really good today. Thanks to Matt my shoulder is SOOO much better. He totally figured out what the culprit was and I've been doing micro-massage and icing daily. Thank goodness.


Mike said...

What was the "culprit" and how was it fixed, just out of curiosity?

Shana A. said...

Mike, culprit was infraspinatus (probably strained or just overworked/overtight). Fixed by a combination of things. Matt (NMT/Thai massage therapist) works on me at least once a week. Dr. Sadri does ART/Graston/microcurrent on me when needed. I also regularly get chiropractic treatment. The real solution to this issue was rolling out the tight muscle using a foam roller or a theraputic trigger point ball. I actually used a big piece of pvc. I do this once or twice a day then ice for around 20 minutes for vasodilation and flushing. (Matt's advice) :)

Tami said...

There is a 2 for 1 wall ball vid on the HQ site video page. It's under the "WOD" section and it's titled "Double-Under/Wallball 2-fer-1s (Zac)"

I remember that vid when it came out a couple of years ago. They do NOT look like fun.

Christopher Holt said...

rxd: 7:42. Posting video now. A bit iffy on my 2fer1 wall ball standards. tried to reach full hip extension before the ball came back down. Hard to tell when you're in the middle of it. Great WOD though. Tried some strength afterwards. FUN! You should try the bench press with the KBs. Totally awesome!

Cati said...

Hey this is Cati Love your blog, will be visiting you often, I am trying to get back into the Crossfit Grove...