Sunday, December 20, 2009

12-20-09 Sunday Week 46

Snatch Balance Dec 20, 2009 from Shana Alverson

I think I might try acupuncture as I feel that my whole left side is shutting down. :( Messed up wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, hamstring and knee... all on the left side. Grrr.... Good group today for the RTG wod.
Glad we video'd the snatch balance portion. I am making a significant hop forward, more pronounced on some lifts than others. But I am really not sure why this is happening or how to stop it. Will have to seek professional help...

Training Log
Snatch Balance

65 x 3
75 x 3
85 lbs
95 lbs
105 lbs
115 lbs
120 lbs


For time:
10 Handstand pushups, 15 Overhead Squats (65/95), 100 ft Broad Jump
8 HSPU, 15 OHS, 100ft Broad Jump
6 HSPU, 15 OHS, 100ft Broad Jump
4 HSPU, 15 OHS, 100ft Broad Jump
2 HSPU, 15 OHS, 100ft Broad Jump

Time -- 15:53
Spencer -- 23:08 (pike pushups)
Joe C. -- 29:04 (pike pushups)
Jonathan -- 32:53

This wod went pretty well considering how jacked up I'm feeling. All HSPU and OHS unbroken except the set of 8 HSPU and the second and last set of OHS.

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carney said...

try thinking about jumping 1/4 inch backward.