Saturday, December 12, 2009

12-12-09 Saturday Week 45

Feeling better today (shoulder-wise, THANKS, Matt!) So, of course, a good ass-kicking in kung fu class is not enough activity for one day...gotta fit in another work out just a few hours later! RTG group was planning on going on a field trip but that got nixed due to the awful weather so we did a wod at the gym instead. Today's group was Jonathan, Joe C (also did this morning's brutal lung burner w/the 9:30 class), Patrick C, and myself.

Training Log
11AM -12 noon
Kung fu class
Basically an hour of non stop kicking blocking squatting punching pushups situps.... you name it.
The important part to note is the whole NON-STOP part.

3 rounds for time:
20 weighted step ups 12" (holding dumbbells)
20 weighted step ups 20" (holding dumbbells)
20 walking lunge steps
50 ft bear crawl
1 cone shuttle (lateral sprints, touch ground by cone)

Time -- 11:34 w/25's
Patrick C. -- 10:55 w/35's
Jonathan B. -- 11:03 w/35's
Joe C. -- 12:44 w/30's

Legs might not work tomorrow.

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