Sunday, May 2, 2010

04-29-10 Thursday Week 65

Lack of time to train myself has me jumping in with the CFED classes. Tonight, Maggie was gonna have to go solo at 7 so did the wod with her. LOVED this workout if I do say so myself!!

Training Log
4 rounds for time:
Do 100 feet of frog hops/broad jumps.
Count the number of hops it takes you to complete the distance each round. If you did 100 ft in X hops, then do –
X box jumps (w:20″ m:24″)
X deadlift (w:95 m:135)
X OH walking lunge w/plate (w:35 m:45)
X double unders

Time -- 14:12

I ended up with 16 hops to go 100ft every round and so 16 reps of each exercise. Left the gym with a hobble. (Chris Holt - you need to try this one!)

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