Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-13-12 Thursday Week 202

I haven't posted here in a while .... been using various other data keeping methods.

If my calendar math is correct, this week makes 202 weeks (1404 days) since I started training for the CrossFit Games. I won't go into what's been going on since I last posted over a year ago. Recently my motivation is at an all time low.

I'm finding that I don't look forward to going to the gym like I used to -- as a matter of fact it's come to feel like such a chore that I haven't been very consistent in this "off-season" ...

After taking 3 days off because of just dreading doing the same ole shit, I made plans to meet up with my friend BJ at noon today. We were going to make up Tuesday's programming, but I suggested we use and use the hopper function - we decided to just do whatever workout came up.

I am posting here to keep track of what I've done.

3 rds for time:
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)

15 Knees to Elbows
400 M Run

Time -- 13:13

Decided to up the weight on the OHS to 95 lbs. HSPU (kipped) & OHS were unbroken. Last 2 sets of KTE were split into 2. My lungs were the limiter on this one - normally it's muscle fatigue/failure that slows me down but that just wasn't the case today.

Afterward, did a mish-mash make-up of skills I've missed this week.
3 rds:
50 ft Handwalk
2 Rope Climbs

12 Pistols

Handwalking is def much better than it was a year ago.

Nervous to see what comes up tomorrow. Hope it's not Murph.


Anonymous said...

Yay Shana!
We love you.

Shana A. said...

I love you, too... whoever you are. ;-)