Friday, January 29, 2010

01-29-10 Friday Week 52

Photo evidence of heavy-weight goes ass-to-grass....

Training Log
12 noon

5 rounds for time:
3 Overhead Squats 125 lbs
6 Front Squats 125 lbs
9 Back Squats 125 lbs
12 Situps

* Goal is to use bodyweight however, you are only as strong as your weakest lift. Complete all movements with the same weight. NO RACK allowed.

Time -- 32:58

Went in to workout with the noon class today. Love that noon class and I had good company with Jonathan, Matt H., Harrie, Martin and Hannah. Great coaching by Christin!! I was not feeling very strong for some reason and actually kinda shaky. I had intended to use 135 lbs (it's what I usually use for bw stuff even though I actually have no idea exactly how much I weigh...) but went with 125 instead.
I was walking funny as soon as I was finished. Now I need a nap. Thanks to the noon crew for cheering on the last man standing in that wod - slowest time on the board today LOL!! I'll take it, I'm just glad I finished alive!!


christin said...

It was a huge thrill both coaching and watching you today. Yep, Matt and I noticed the crazy walk at the end! Great OHS pic.

Kristine said...

Holy weight! you are rockstar...especially with Elvis leg!!

Joe C. said...

Maybe slowest time, but also baddest-assed. You put almost all of the guys to shame today, myself included.

Shana A. said...

Ha! Joe, I don't know about that... if you had seen the slothishness with which I progressed through the wod you might not agree that it was baddest assest!

Jenna Dodge said...

Hey Shana! Just dropping by your blog to say Hello. Seems that when I'm not training hard I am WAY less motivated to look at others' training. I can't wait until I can try to "keep up" with you again on these crazy workouts!

MK Crossfit Daytona said...

Slow or not thats a great WOD. Good job. No way I could do that anywhere near BW

Shana A. said...

Ha! Mel, we are gonna pretend like I weigh 125... ;)