Wednesday, June 9, 2010

06-08-10 Tuesday Week 71

2010 CrossFit Games Southeast Regional Qualifier: Workout 4, aka "The Devil"

Been absent for a while, I realize. I have been completely overwhelmed with business and life and got a little mental about my workouts for a while, but I am back on the horse now and super excited about the next 6 weeks.
I qualified for the 2010 CrossFit Games. I needed a top 4 finish out of about 60 women from FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, NC, and SC. Placed 3rd and shocked the crap out of myself. Here we go again.

Mostly rested for the last 8 days. Back at it hard today with a new coach on the west coast, CJ Martin of CrossFit Invictus has graciously agreed to help me out and I am really thrilled. Lauren S. joined me today for the "big girl workout" she's getting REALLY good at the cleaning and snatching. I predict big numbers for her very soon.

Training Log
K-star hip/shoulder prep warm-up.

Power Clean
sets of 3 (hands can leave bar)


DL 235x4, 6HSPU
Rest 3 mins.
DL 240x4, 6HSPU
Rest 3 mins.
DL 245x3, 6HSPU
Rest 3 mins.
DL 245x3, 6HSPU

3rds of each for max meters (3 mins rest between sets)--
Row :30, rest 1:00
141M, 143M, 146M
Row :45, rest 1:30
215M, 211M, 209M
Row 1:00, rest 2:00
277M, 275M, 279M
(total rowed was 1896M)

Completely spent at the end. Gonna be sore but can't WAIT for tomorrow's!! Good dinner - grass-fed beef and salad with romaine, yellow peppers and cucumbers, nectarine for dessert (uhm ... and 2 squares of 70%dark chocolate w/almonds.) It's almost 1AM and I gotta go to bed.


Lauren said...

Loving the "Big Girl WOD's" already! Can wait to get some snatches in tomorrow. I got some rowing bruises this morning, hell yeah for going hard. Awesome job with the heavy ass DL and stricked HSPU. I am going to go friend CrossFit Invictus right now.

AJ said...

Congrats on the Games! I 100% agree... WOD #4 was the Devil.